TRISURA e-Bonds Verification

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a federally licensed bonding company. Trisura has developed its own proprietary e-Bond platform with similar functionality and features as other third party e-Bond providers. Trisura's platform has been assessed by the Surety Association of Canada and meets their threshold criteria.

A Trisura e-Bond can be verified by one of two ways.

  1. Use the below online bond verifier to ensure that the e-Bond has not been tampered with and is indeed valid
  2. Open the e-Bond in Adobe Reader to verify the bond by clicking on the e-signature(s) and/or the signature panel

To upload a bond and verify signatures, please press CHOOSE BOND and browse to the file on your computer and then press VERIFY BOND.

Please be advised that any tampering or altering to the final PDF copy of the bond with third party software will void the validity of the e-Bond. This includes software that splits or combines pages of documents into separate PDFs.


Q: I want to open and verify the bond on my own computer. When I open the e-Bond, there is nowhere for me to click to validate the e-signatures. Why is this and what do I do?

In order for the e-signature validations to be present, the e-Bond needs to be opened in its native PDF format. Some internet browsers (i.e. Google Chrome) display a picture of the PDF document and not the document itself. In doing so, you are not able to view the security and validation embedded in the PDF If you come across this, download the e-Bond file to your computer and then open the actual saved PDF document. You should then be able to click on the e-signatures or signature panel to validate the e-Bond.

Q: When I click on the e-signatures and/or the signature panel, the message states that the "signature validity unknown". Does this mean that the e-Bond is not valid?

No, it doesn't mean the bond is not valid. The validation software is built on Adobe's platform and the issue is more than likely that your version of Adobe Reader does not have updated security certificates, hence it did not "trust" the signature security certificates on the e-Bond. Here is what you need to do: To trust the certificate, follow either of these two sets of steps below. Please note that the steps have small differences, depending on what version of Adobe is currently installed on your computer.

  1. Go to Edit
  2. Preferences
  3. Trust Manager
  4. AATL Certificates
  5. Click Update Now
  1. Click on the signature
  2. Click on show signature properties
  3. Show signer's certificate
  4. Go to trust
  5. Add to trusted certificates

Q: Why do I see the message "Signed and all signatures valid. Document was updated after signing." at the top of the PDF? Does this mean the e-Bond has been altered?

This means that the Principal signature field was populated with the Principal's signing officer after Trisura's initial signature field was signed. This does not mean that the content of document has been altered, only that an additional form field was populated (updated) after initial signing.

Q: Who is eSignLive?

eSignLive is an electronic signature solution that enables documents to be securely signed electronically on any device. eSignLive is used by organizations to improve customer experience, increase productivity and reduce errors and costs by automating workflows and enforcing business rules throughout. eSignLive is a solution used by many banks and insurance companies in North America.

Q: How is this bond verified?

The bond is verified using Adobe Approve Trust List (AATL) Signing Certificates embedded in the document at the time of electronic signature. eSignLive's platform allows the certificates to be embedded in the e-Bond, and a check is run every time the document is opened in Adobe Reader to ensure that the document and/or the signatures have not been tampered with. eSignLive is part of Adobe's Approve Trust List.

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If you require additional assistance or have any questions about validating the attached bond, please contact Trisura at or 1-844-264-3317.